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Website Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Search Engine Positioning Questions 

    1. Why can't I find my site anywhere in the search engines?
    2. Why do I show up in only 1 or 2 search engines?
    3. What about companies and ads that claim to submit your site to 3,000 plus search engines?
    4. I've paid for website promotions and did not get any results. How can you do better?

Search Engine Optimization Questions

    1. What is involved in your Premium Web Site Promotion Service and can I do it myself?
    2. How much does your Premium Level Service cost?
    3. What is included with your Premium Level Service?
    4. What is your Guarantee?

Search Engine Positioning: Answers

Q1. Why can't I find my web site in the search engines?

A. You or your site designer have worked hard and now you have a good looking web site. However, more than likely the search engines don't even know your company exists. Either your site hasn't yet been submitted to the engines or it may have been placed in the engines the wrong way. The search engine robots or human reviewers that analyze your web site will place your site within their index based on how your pages appeal to them and how they are submited. If your site isn't properly optimized and promoted, the chances of your site ranking high on the search engines is very slim. This is where we can greatly assist you.

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Q2. Why do I show up in only 1 or 2 search engines?

A. The search engine robots are programmed by subjective human beings. These folks tell their robots what to look for when reviewing your site. Since each search engine has it's own staff of programmers, each of the robots are unique and thus look for different things. In short, you can make a page appeal to an engine or two, but you can't make one page appeal to all the search engines because they all look for different parameters or algorithms. Therefore, to show up on more of the major search engines, your site's pages must be optimized to match each of the search engines individual algorithms. This is where we excel.

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Q3. What about those companies and ads that claim they submit your site to 3,000 plus search engines?

A. First of all there aren't 3,000 search engines or anything close to that number. There are roughly 25 major search engines and a couple hundred minor engines. The 25 or so major engines will generate approximately 90% of your site's traffic assuming you don't have a lot of reciprocal links to other sites.

The majority of companies claiming to submit your site to thousands of search engines have either purchased an inexpensive submission program for $100 or less from their local computer store or they have developed a basic program that amounts to the same thing. They then charge anywhere from $19.95 to $199 to submit your site one-time, monthly, quarterly etc.

The problem with these "automated" programs is the fact that the search engines watch for these submissions to be made, since they are aware of these programs, and they largely ignore the information that is submitted. They have to do this because they receive so many submissions each day. If they were to accept all of these automated submitals each week, their systems would get overloaded quickly. We submit all of our promotion files by hand so the engines will favor them.

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Q4. I've already paid 2 different companies to submit my site to hundreds of search engines and did not get any results. How can you do better?

A. You probably get spammed 3 times or more a week from different companies offering search engine placement. We also offer this type of promotion as our STARTER level package due to the fact that some people do not want to spend more than $400 on the promotion of their website.

However, before you commit to this type of promotion, there are things to consider. One page of your site will not appeal to all the search engines because they all index on different criteria. Submitting to hundreds of different so-called search engines, will not insure good visibility. That is the reason we highly recommend our STANDARD and PREMIUM level plans. For these services, we create between 20 (Standard Service) and 200 different HTML entry pages that are customized to appeal to each of the major Search Engines. Since this gives us a lot of control in how your site is ranked, we can offer a placement GUARANTEE on these plans while other promotion companies can't!

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Web Site Promotion: Answers

Q1. What is involved in your Premium Web Site Promotion Service and can I do it myself?

A. We are glad to share our methods of how we are able to attain the top search engine rankings for our clients with our Premium Level Services. If you perform all these steps below, then you will likely receive the same great rankings that we can achieve for you. However, once you understand the process, we think you'll agree that our Premium Service is indeed a great value!

Step 1 - Defining the best keyword phrases for your site.

The first thing we do is examine your keyword phrases to make sure that they are the best phrases possible for your site. We maintain a very large database of keywords and keyword phrases that are used by people when performing searches on three of the largest search engines. These keywords are continually ranked so we know exactly how many times people search for a certain word or phrase.

This is very important. For example, we had a client that was a dealer for satellite dishes, so of course he wanted to use "satellite dish" as one of his keyword phrases. When we did a keyword analysis, we discovered that while this word was being searched for quite often, "satelite dish" with just one "L" was being searched for 20% more often, even though this word was misspelled! So we made a decision to include this word as one of his keyword phrases so that even when the general public misspelled the word, his site would come up first.

Step 2 - Build web pages that appeal to each of the Top 27 Engines for each of your keywords or keyword phrases.

This is the hardest part of what we do. It has taken years to develop the knowledge and software that enable us to build customized web pages that appeal to each of the Search Engines for a given keyword or phrase. Some of the characteristics we consider are in-page text, titles, metatags, hyperlinks, word repetition, alt tags etc. In fact, we consider 53 different characteristics when we build your promotional web pages. For example, if one of your keywords is "automotive parts", we will make two web pages which will be highly ranked on Excite for the keyword "automotive parts".

But guess what? The pages that will be loved by Excite will be hated by Lycos. The reason for this is because each Search Engine looks for different things in web pages in order to rank them highly for a particular keyword. So, we have to build two more pages for "satelite dish" that will appeal to Lycos. Then we repeat this process for Google, Hotbot, All The Web, AltaVista, MSN, Northern Light etc. So what we end up with is two web pages for each of your keyword phrases for each of the Top 27 Search engines for a total of about 200 promotion web pages! These promotion pages are all linked to your site's main page so that no changes are necessary to your existing pages.

Step 3 - Submit our custom promotion pages by hand to the Search Engines.

Over the next four weeks, we submit our customized promotion pages that we made for your website to all the search engines by hand. We do it by hand to make sure that they actually get there! After submittal, we go back and verify again that our new pages are now listed in the Search Engine databases.

Step 4 - Begin monitoring process.

Six to seven weeks after starting, we begin to see a dramatic difference in your search engine rankings. Our system starts tracking the ranking of each one of your keywords on all the major search engines and begins to build a history file that is constantly monitored. You will be kept informed as to your keyword ranking on a regular basis by giving us a call or by emailing us.

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Q2. How much does your Premium Level Service cost?

A. Our Premium Level Web Site Promotion Service is only $$2,495 for a 1 year promotion effort that Guarantees Top 20 placement at all times during the year. Our Premium Level Service is unmatched in the web site promotion arena. The services you receive with this promotion are worth thousands more than what we charge and will pay off with many more visitors coming to your site.

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Q3. What is included with your Premium Level Service?

A.Our Premium Level Service includes:

  • The option to work with the same technical sales rep. from project start to finish ( 1 year ) to achieve consistency in the promotion effort.
  • Extensive keyword phrase research utilizing our constantly updated keyword database.
  • Optimization recommendations for your site's main page and sub-pages, including In Page Text, Titles, Metatags etc.
  • Identifying the current algorithms used by the respective search engines.
  • Creation of approximately 200 promotional pages that are optimized for each search engine's particular algorithm. These are owned by you.
  • Improvement of your site's link popularity with the search engines.
  • Manual submission of the promotion pages sent to the major search engines.
  • Monthly search engine ranking reports showing where your site is currently ranked.
  • Unlimited support time via phone, email or both.
  • Consulting on additional avenues for marketing your web site, including linking, pay-per-click, press releases, banner ads and more.
  • Our Guaranteed Top 20 Rankings Money Back Guarantee.
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Q4. What is your Guarantee?

A. We have one of the best Guarantees in a business where most companies don't offer a guarantee. We guarantee that your site will achieve a minimum of at least 10 Top 20 rankings on the major search engines within 120 days from the start of your site's promotion effort to the engines. If we fail to reach our guarantee, you can choose to receive a refund or you can choose to have us promote your site again with different keyword phrases and get a full year of promotion from that point.

Our clients currently average 60 Top 20 rankings at any given time during their promotion, with the majority of those rankings showing up in the Top 10 positions on the major engines. We only count the Top 20 rankings achieved on the major search engines. Of course, rankings achieved beyond the minimum guarantee are FREE. We typically achieve 5 to 8 times our guarantee.

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