Blog Article Writing

Blogs are becoming increasingly more popular and essential for businesses to create and employ.  In addition to social media, a blog gets an audience up to speed on what a company is all about, what the company wants to focus on and specialize in, and it creates a great informational resource for visitors.  Blog Articles are the meat and potatoes of blogs.  Sure, great pictures help tell the story, but it’s the focused blog article that keeps visitors wanting more.

While blog posts can be short, consisting of maybe a couple hundred words, many blog articles are in the 1,000-word range, and a growing number are getting up to 2,000 words or more.  With Google and other major search engines favoring longer, more robust content, even for blogs, the bar will undoubtedly get higher as time goes on.

Blog Article Writing Company Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Texas

At Promote Your Website, our in-house blog writers have years of experience writing blog articles for all types of companies.  Blog Article Writing is offered in our more advanced marketing programs and a la carte if desired.  When a good blog with excellent blog articles is combined with expert SEO and great social media development and marketing, success soon follows.


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