Social Media Advertising

Paid social media is a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising that displays custom-designed ads to targeted audiences on social media platforms versus on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  With Social Media Paid Advertising, there is more flexibility concerning adding pictures and more descriptive text than there is with most search engine PPC advertising.  This affords an additional opportunity to tell a story via a picture or graphic.

Social Media (PPC) Paid Advertising Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

As a Social Media Marketing Agency, we assist clients with social media paid advertising as part of our program benefits or a la carte depending on a client’s need.  We are available to design, implement, manage and run the complete social media paid advertising campaigns for clients, or any portion of the above that is desired.

Paid social media advertising can be a cost-effective method of marketing a business if it is used correctly.  It is hard to compete with the cost-effectiveness of high organic search engine rankings that work 24/7 at no charge per click, but both PPC advertising and social media paid advertising can come close if performed strategically and at the correct densities.  They can certainly be more cost-effective than traditional advertising since social media paid advertising allows a company to target specific target audiences and only pay when the potential customer takes a specified action.


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