Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become the gold standard for promoting a business or organization to increase brand awareness, visitors, leads, sales/conversions, and customer loyalty.  Traditional marketing avenues, such as magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, postcards, direct mailers, TV, radio, billboards, etc., have their place, but they typically can’t compete with the flexibility, ease of implementation, lower cost, and increased Return On Investment (ROI) that digital marketing brings to the table.

Strategies featuring Online Marketing are nimble and can change quickly to go in a completely different direction if needed, unlike some traditional marketing efforts.  And since most people research products and services online before making a purchase, online marketing campaigns are noticed much quicker.

As a best in class Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, we specialize in unique and scalable Internet Marketing Services such as SEO, SEO local, search engine marketing (SEM), brand marketing, social media development and marketing,  content development, and much more for small, medium, and large size companies that desire to reach record sales for their products or services.  Our online marketing programs are designed to produce maximum visibility and visitations to local, state, regional, national, and international companies that want a substantial increase in exposure for their business.

As Search Engine Marketers since 1996, we have over 25 years of experience partnering with companies to help them reach their marketing goals.  When we first began offering Digital Marketing Services, Google was but a dream and Yahoo was king of search.  A lot has changed in the digital world since the mid-’90s, but as an Internet Marketing Company, we have stayed true to our white hat standards from day one and firm in our belief that unique, informative, and compelling content is the one constant that has remained the most important aspect of our Online Marketing Services since our founding.

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Spending on digital marketing has been growing by billions of dollars each year, while traditional marketing has been shrinking by billions each year.  As illustrated by the chart below, this is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.  As a top Digital Marketing Company, we are helping clients transition from traditional ad spending into more cost-effective and versatile digital advertising and marketing.

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing

The creation of useful, informative, insightful, engaging, and irresistible content for use by potential customers to add value and build trust for a company is the essence of inbound marketing.  When customers, who aren’t necessarily looking to make a purchase just yet, are drawn to quality and thoughtful content, the art of turning strangers into customers is well on its way.

The key to any successful Inbound Marketing effort to attract more attention to and build trust for, a website, social site, or blog is to give customers a good excuse to learn something new.  And when it’s good for the customer, it’s good for business.  It’s what users and search engines want to see.

The key to successful inbound marketing lies within this type of useful and informative content.  Our focus is on inbound marketing, and the purpose of this type of marketing is to engage users in a thoughtful process of interaction with your company without overly promoting products or services.  Inbound marketing provides value and builds trust with potential customers.

Outbound Marketing

On the other hand, Outbound Marketing has traditionally focused on product or service advertisements, direct mail, telemarketing, permission-less email marketing, mass events, and more.  The purpose is to bombard potential customers with unrelenting company slogans, images, or ideas to get them to engage.  Outbound marketing goes “directly after” potential customers or clients in a much more aggressive manner, and without obtaining their blessing or approval.

Inbound marketing takes a more subtle and passive approach than that of outbound marketing.  Inbound marketing strategies lie within the creation of content so rich and helpful that anyone can utilize it to their benefit.  The goal of inbound marketing is to attract, engage and delight, so that trust, credibility, and momentum can be realized by the business.  The content doesn’t scream a particular product, company, or brand.  It speaks to the insatiable desire people have to learn things they didn’t already know:  To satisfy their curiosity and be comforted by knowledge freely given and made available.  When information or ideas are provided naturally without the encumbrance of company spin, users and search engines alike will gravitate to and reward such efforts.

Happy customers mean a healthy bottom line.  Customers who freely engage and decide on their own to do business with a company will make the company healthier in the long run because they will become happy customers, repeat customers, and customers who refer their friends and colleagues to your business.

At Promote Your Website, we work with clients in developing great content that speaks to the wants and needs of the potential customer/client over the company’s need to get their branding seen at all costs.  Subtle branding combined with excellent inbound marketing strategies is what sets successful companies apart from those only going after traditional outbound marketing objectives.

Good examples of inbound marketing include:

  • Content that is informative, meaningful, and useful for a site, social media, and blog
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Development
  • Email once potential customers engage
  • Chat

Promote Your Website specializes in all forms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), including broad-based SEO Search Engine Optimization for regional, national, and international companies, Local SEO for city, metroplex, and state-based companies, and Franchise SEO that assists both Franchises and Franchisees.  Additionally, we feature SEO Consulting services, Google Maps Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management for a complete array of digital marketing solutions.  If you need a simple website refresh or a completely new website, we also specialize in Website Design with a particular focus on WordPress sites.  To complement the above services, we also offer Social Media Marketing and Management, Content Development and Marketing, Blog Article Writing, and Reputation Management.