Content Proofreading

Content Proofreading is the identification and subsequent correction of grammatical, punctuation, and style errors and inconsistencies.  Proofreading content is a vital task before publication because it makes a company look good and helps protect the public’s trust in what the company is saying.  Unfortunately, too many websites, blogs, social sites, articles, press releases, and marketing/advertising materials go to publication without proper proofreading.  And once something is published, it’s harder to correct any issues, and it could result in lost business.

Proofreading Company Dallas, Fort Worth
Content Proofreading Dallas, Fort Worth

As a Content Proofreading Company, we have over 25 years of content proofreading experience with websites, articles, and press releases and over 15 years proofreading social posts and blog material.  We work with clients to not only develop and write content but to also proof it as well before publication.  We can perform proofreading a la carte services upon request.


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