PPC Marketing & Management

PPC Marketing can serve as a good supplemental source of leads and business for some companies, especially if a business enjoys a “peak season” or two during the year.  The effectiveness of PPC Services also depends on the particular business and how competitive the industry is.  The more competitive the industry, the higher the cost will be, for example, to pay for clicks and run a Google Ads Management campaign.  And the higher the product or service margin is – will determine how profitable the campaign is.  If an industry is not as competitive and profit margins are robust, then hiring a PPC Agency to run your campaign can make good sense.

For seasonal businesses, paying for PPC Advertising during the slow season (s) may not make as much sense as paying for traffic when people need and are actively searching for your product or service.  A good example is the A/C industry.  If a business receives 80% of its business through air conditioning repair and new installations, it doesn’t make as much sense paying for advertising during the winter months as it would during the late spring and summer.

Other businesses that enjoy a steady stream of business all year such as construction or home remodeling businesses may benefit from a year-long measured PPC campaign.  And yet other businesses may lose money altogether by participating in PPC advertising because the cost may be more than their margins can support.

There is no doubt that a well-timed, efficient, and properly managed PPC campaign can drive desired results.  As Google Ad Specialists, as well as experts in Yahoo, Bing, and LinkedIn advertising and marketing, Promote Your Website offers PPC Advertising and management services to each client interested in pay-per-play marketing.  We specialize in developing PPC campaign strategies and implementing those strategies to drive results above and beyond what organic traffic and referrals alone bring in.  Whether the PPC campaign takes place on Google, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, or a host of other PPC providers, we focus on achieving the most bang for the buck for each client.

From start to finish, we consult with each business as to which keyword phrases will be utilized in the campaign based on proven search numbers, client experience in the industry, and our nearly 25 years of experience in the website marketing arena.  Campaigns are then populated, tweaked and testing is run to find the most efficient ad and keyword phrase combinations.  The result is a PPC campaign that effectively supplements direct, organic, referral, and social traffic for a highly successful marketing effort.

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Promote Your Website specializes in all forms of Digital Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), including broad-based SEO Search Engine Optimization for regional, national, and international companies, Local SEO for city, metroplex, and state-based companies, and Franchise SEO that assists both Franchises and Franchisees.  Additionally, we feature SEO Consulting services, Google Maps Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management for a complete array of digital marketing solutions.  If you need a simple website refresh or a completely new website, we also specialize in Website Design with a particular focus on WordPress sites.  To complement the above services, we also offer Social Media Marketing and Management, Content Development and Marketing, Blog Article Writing, and Reputation Management.