Who We Are

Promote Your Website was founded in 1996 as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing agency dedicated to assisting companies looking to expand their digital marketing footprint to boost their online presence, business, and market share.  As an SEO Company for over 25 years, even before Google was officially formed, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Kroger, and Dell, as well as other major companies like Easter Seals, Piggly Wiggly, Thomas Kinkade, The Bank of Ireland, Victor Pest, Utrecht Art Supplies and PTC, to increase their online visibility, leads, sales and branding.  However, it is the thousands of medium to smaller-sized companies we have worked with over the last two decades, who have generated an even greater percentage of business from our consulting and SEO Services.

SEO is the Digital Marketing strategy of increasing the quantity and quality of a website’s rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others as seen by potential visitors or customers searching for specific information, products, or services.  The goal is to drive more traffic to specific websites through organic search results and for that traffic to generate more leads, sales, and increased branding.  SEO Marketing is key to a company’s digital strategy, along with effective web design, quality content, social media, and PPC Marketing.

As a Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to white hat only standards, we have always believed in best practices for each of our clients from SEO Optimization and content development to linking, social media posts, blogging and PPC development.  In addition to broad-spectrum SEO, we also specialize in Local SEO for businesses that wish to concentrate on a particular city or cities within a metroplex or even a specific state.  These Local SEO Services are perfect for small to medium size companies that want to increase business locally.

We are proud of our 25 plus years of providing Internet Marketing Services to local, national, and international clients so each can successfully grow their business to the level they desire.  As one of the first and best Digital Marketing Agencies in the world, we would enjoy working with you to drive the visibility, leads, business, and increased branding you expect from your Online Marketing effort.  If you have been searching for an SEO Consultant that can deliver the additional site traffic you want for your business, you’ve come to the right place.  Give us a call today at (817) 453-0339 and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your company.


Promote Your Website specializes in all forms of Digital Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), including broad-based SEO Search Engine Optimization for regional, national, and international companies, Local SEO for city, metroplex, and state-based companies, and Franchise SEO that assists both Franchises and Franchisees.  Additionally, we feature SEO Consulting services, Google Maps Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management for a complete array of digital marketing solutions.  If you need a simple website refresh or a completely new website, we also specialize in Website Design with a particular focus on WordPress sites.  To complement the above services, we also offer Social Media Marketing and Management, Content Development and Marketing, Blog Article Writing, and Reputation Management.